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I had no other name for this journal, so I picked one that may not be commonly used. Wait a second, quick rant: I hate how deviantART won't let me use TAB to indent a paragraph. I know, I am being a bit OCD about it. But seriously, come on deviantART! You freaking give us the ability to use journal skins, but you won't let us use TAB to indent? Ugh.

Okay, next thing in the brain explosion. It's another rant, sorry. My history teacher is the subject of this rant. She is maybe 102 years old, African American (but that doesn't matter), and freaking delusional. We were doing US History 1865 to Present this year. But obviously she doesn't know how to space out how much time we spend on different wars and stuff. Because here is the news flash for ya: about 30 days of studying WWI. Okay, you say, decent amount of time. But then, how long did we study WWII? Can you hear my frustration when I say 3 days? No? What about when I say we studied the Cold War (which, for those of you who don't know, has a very misleading name, as it is not even a war) for 1 freaking day! So, when I come to school the next day, what is on the daily agenda? A US History 1865 to present SOL! I didn't know a third of it, at least!

Now before I tell you my SOL scores of this year, I want to note that I am fairly smart. No genius, but definitely smart.

SOL Scores:

Math: 600
Reading: 600
History: 512

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