Summer and PS Vita

  So, I am now officially out of school, which means that I should be able to update this blog more. What will I blog about, you may ask? I don't know. That is the future; this is the present.

  But as of now, I will give my views on the PlayStation Vita. First of all, I think that is not the best name Sony could have chosen for this handheld, but it is catching on. I am glad to see that (in America) the base price for the PSV (I will refer to the PlayStation Vita as PSV from now on) and it's games are fairly reasonable. Of course, the price is low in the USA but higher in other countries. I believe this is a smart tactic for Sony to use, with the PSP not doing great in America and all.

PSV Memory Cards
  But, the one thing that I am afraid of is that the memory sticks for the PSV (see picture to right) will be expensive. The MS PRO Duo cards are pricey enough. I believe that Sony should have gone with SD cards as a memory expansion format because of their cheaper price. Putting these issues aside, I believe that I may buy one around launch time. The graphics and dual analog sticks impress me. The fact that the resolution is approximately twice that of the PSP, with the screen size only a bit larger and the ability to do anti-aliasing along with a great game launch line-up make it a deal for me.

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