My fears... in Minecraft, that is

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft... you are so scary.

My fears in Minecraft:

  1. Skeletons
  2. Creepers
  3. Zombies, Spiders, etc.
1: Skeletons) Ya know, the guys who fire the bow at ya? Yes, them. The appearance of them isn't the bad part. Its the sound they make when they fire their bow at you. I will now describe the sound to you:


2: Creepers) These mean, lean, veggie green dudes are scary for two reasons:
  • First of all, they sneak up on you without notice and....
  • ... EXPLODE! Yeah, I hate when that happens. One just blew up half of my house before blogging this.
3: Zombies, Spiders, etc.) Well, all of the other bad mobs don't really scare me.... but I haven't come across any spider jockeys yet, so maybe I am speaking too soon.

I haven't gone to the Nether, either, so I don't know if those ghost thingies or zombie pigs should be higher on my scary meter... Anyways, comment and tell me your order of scariness!

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